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For Grace


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Art McNeese has a passion for helping believers and unbelievers discover the wonder of God's grace. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Abilene Christian University. A sought-after speaker for missions, he has conducted mission workshops in Russia, China, and Mexico. Art planted Bridgeway Church in the Dallas area in 2006, a community of faith dedicated to being a "church without walls." Art also periodically leads tours to Israel and Greece as part of his ministry. Art has four daughters and six grandchildren, of whom he is extremely proud. 

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Masterfully, Art McNeese uses the art of the pen to paint a portrait of the beauty of God’s grace on a canvas of His love. Laymen and Pastors will find Making Space for Grace instructive, enjoyable and helpful in applying God’s Amazing Grace.

Dr. Donald Brake,

Author of They Called Him Yeshua and Jesus, A Visual History

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