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One of my grandsons’ favorite films is The Incredibles. It’s the story of a family named Parr,

caught up in the daily routine of life. But the father, Bob Parr, gets a phone call that summons him back into a previous life. He had been active as a superhero in saving lives and battling evil. Bob discovers that the members of his family are also committed to heroism.

His wife Ellen is “Elastigirl.” His daughter Violet has astonishing force-field power. Their two children are also endowed with special gifts. Dash has lightning speed. Even baby

Jack-Jack has superpowers. But the secret to their success is that even though each one has remarkable gifts, it’s when they pool their gifts that they can do things that are “Incredible.”

The same is true in the church. God uses His Holy Spirit to gift us in a variety of ways. But only when we partner with others in the family of God is He able to accomplish spiritual feats that we might consider “Incredible.”

Use your gifts for God. Together, God can achieve the “Incredible” as we surrender to Him and let ourselves be used by Him!

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