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The Book of Ruth

This week’s bible reading focuses on the book of Ruth. We often make several mistakes in considering the work of God in the world:

1. We sometimes assume that God can only work in the star-studded cast of luminaries like Abraham or Joseph or David. We resign ourselves to a position of little impact or importance in what God is doing on planet earth.

2. We sometimes assume that God works only through people of a certain race or only through people of certain nationalities.

3. We sometimes assume that if we can’t see God at work in our present circumstances, then He is not at work at all.

The book of Ruth disproves all three assumptions. You’ll have to read the book for yourself (it only takes a few minutes), but when you do, you’ll discover that our thinking about God is often mistaken and misguided. The story of Ruth makes three things very clear:

1. God is accomplishing his purposes through people who are nearly invisible from a human point of view. He uses commonplace people who would not be on the world’s radar to achieve great things. The unknown and inconspicuous are not overlooked by God when He sets out to get big things done. His love for the ‘little people’ is reflected in his determination to employ them in things as monumental as producing a Savior for the world. Don’t ever underestimate the role you play in the drama of God’s unfolding story.

2. God is never parochial in his concern for people. While the people of Israel were used in a special way by God, God has always enlisted people from other races and nationalities to ensure that His purposes would be fulfilled. God is an ‘equal opportunity Savior’ and His kingdom welcomes and invites people of every race and nationality.

3. Even when in our current situation we can’t see how God is working, He is doing things that over time will become evident. Our window on the world is extremely limited, but God stands above time and space and works behind the scenes to bring His will to fruition.

All of these become crystal clear when you read the book of Ruth. For a more complete explanation and overview, go to the following link from the Bible project:

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