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I have a friend who reads through the book of Proverbs each month. Proverbs has 31 chapters, so he does his normal bible reading, then adds a proverb for each day of each month. He is a wise man! He understands that to obtain wisdom, a person needs to hear the words of Proverbs on a regular basis.

Proverbs begins with a summons to fear the Lord, because this is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 1:7). This fear is not terror, but a deep reverence and awe for God as our Creator and Redeemer. There is no wisdom unless the fundamental posture of our lives is to honor God as the one who leads our paths. And what we need is not more knowledge, but more wisdom, the ability to choose God’s ways and not our own.

Proverbs is full of practical advice on a wide variety of subjects: marriage, parenting, finances, friendships, and faith. But this is not merely practical advice—this is the word of God to man about how to navigate life in a way that will create spiritual and emotional health. To ignore God’s wisdom is to put yourself in a perilous situation. To apply God’s wisdom is to discover the path to peace.

But let me give you a caution about the proverbs. The proverbs are probabilities, not promises. The proverbs are statements about what is likely to happen in your life, not what is guaranteed in your life. So be careful not to interpret the principles espoused in the psalms as iron-clad promises—they are not.

Wisdom is a precious commodity and desperately needed in our world. So if you are serious about the pursuit of wisdom, then explore the proverbs. Why not add reading one proverb per day to your other bible reading? It’s easy—and full of huge benefits.

To look at the Bible Project video on the book of Proverbs, go to this link:

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